1987 EKU Championship

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This footage is now almost 30 years old, and the level of hard kumite displayed is now a distant memory – no prisoners taken here. We have digitised the old video files and have edited together over two hours of ‘old school’ competition karate.

World class fighters such as Emmanuel Pinna, Alfie Lewis, Fairclough, Abdu Shaher, Abbati Degli, Pat McKay, Didier Moreau and many others.

The team matches are breath taking, see Scotland show no mercy to either England or France as they storm through each opposing team. As we have often pointed out, this level of kumite will never be seen again, unless you look at cage fighting. The only difference you would notice in this footage is that there’s no grappling of low kick, but apart from that, the fighting is just as savage.

Available in PAL or NTSC and region free.

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