Shotokan - Raw Power

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We are all familiar with the maxims of the martial arts, and Shotokan has its fair share. Yes, we must always try to act in a manner that befits a karate-ka; inside and outside of the dojo; good manners and respect for our fellow man. We must always endeavour to perfect our character; follow the code; strive for perfection etc. But....when it comes down to the bottom line, the martial arts are about physical power, indeed the very word martial means war-like and this programme certainly proves the point. With an average of 14 techniques a minute, or in excess of 400 clips this programme will leave you breathless.

Featuring Terry O'Neil Steve Cattle Frank Brennan Ronnie Christopher Elwyn Hall George Godfry in action against the Japan Karate Association, it is obviously all action. This programme is a MUST for all Shotokan students. This is the raw edge of Shotokan not for the faint hearted.

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