The Shotokan Legacy

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The Shotokan Legacy, what has it left us today? This 4 Volume set traces the development of the art from Funakoshi’s early days, through to the art’s golden era of the 1980s. Dealing mainly with the British history, and featuring many UK Shotokan pioneers, the Volumes endeavour to show how the art has changed. Although change is inevitable, some changes have had a profoundly negative effect, turning this once strong and dignified art into a sport. Although there are still a few Shotokan organizations that adhere to the traditional ‘way’- they are few and far between.

This programme does not set out to be detailed history of Shotokan's development, it try's to show the differences between those early days and where the art is currently. For those who would like a highly detailed account of the art's history and worldwide development, we recommend Harry Cook's brilliant book, "Shotokan - A Precise History."

We have used old cine film and photographs, digitally enhanced, some of the photos are of people who have never received the recognition they deserved. Now, most senior Shotokan instructors are well known, heading large organizations. However, there are many who worked hard in those early days, but their reward has been the love of Shotokan.

The four Volume set is available in any national television format. Please make sure you order the correct television format (PAL for most of the world - NTSC for the Americas and Japan)

If in doubt please e-mail us and we will advise you.

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