Classical Forms of Shotokan Karate

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Aenean commodo ligula:

This original JKA 8mm film has been digitally enhanced and re-edited to produce a 50 minute programme containing Japan Karate Association legends such as NAKAYAMA – KANAZAWA – ENOEDA – KASE – SHIRAI - SHOOJI - SUGIURA - MORI - et al. These masters perform the following katas in there original JKA form.

Heian Shodan / Nidan / Sandan / Yondon / Godan Tekki Shodan / Tekki Nidan / Tekki Sandan Enpie / Jutte / Chinte / Jion / Bassai Dai / Bassai Sho Gankaku / Hangetsu / Kanku Dai / Kanku Sho / Sochin Nijyu Shiho / Unsu

The programme is in black and white, and there is no sound. However, there can be no argument about how a kata should be performed once you have seen these masters. Todays 'experts' may make various claims about 'improving' the kata, but this begs the question 'why'...?

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