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This DVD contains three separate programmes, the first shows an early JKA class; Nakayama sensei demonstrating various basic techniques. It also shows the use of makiwara and several Eian katas, as well as basic one step, and semi free - and early free style kumite - also the use of iron geta and hand weights. The films are in black and white, and have been digitally enhanced.

The second programme covers early JKA self defence, and feature senseis’ Nishiyama - Kanazawa and other senior early JKA instructors. The techniques cover defence from a sitting position, as well as against a surprise attack and also against a knife and club.

Finally, in the third programme, senseis Nakayama, Enoeda, Kase, Shiria and Mori, demonstrating advanced kata and some applications. It is interesting that even after all these years, the basic moves remain virtually unchanged, and although the kata has altered somewhat, it is still a recognizable form. Although filmed in the early 1960s, they remain a lasting reminder of the roots of Shotokan karate, and must form a valuable reference for any student of the art. The DVD runs for 50 minutes, and carries our usual no quibble replacement, as well as being covered by the Distant Selling Regulations.

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