KATA - The Heart of Karate

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KATA – THE HEART of KARATE. We’ve all done the kata’s so many times we really think we know what it is all about. Some people view kata as a museum piece, others see it as just a set of moves they need to learn in order to pass a grading exam, while many don’t even bother with it at all. However, there are a few who see kata as the heart, or the foundation of karate. Remember, originally kumite did not exist; kata was the method of self defence that was practised over and over until it became a reflex action.

In this programme, Harry Cook and Alistair Mitchell point out the merits of kata training: as Harry says, “Kata is like a treasure map, you discover things for yourself along the path.”

Alistair, a serving police officer and former world champion, talks about the use of kata applications in confined spaces - where there’s insufficient room to use most kumite techniques.

These and many more overlooked gems within kata are discussed – supported by archive film and demonstrations, hammering home the value of kata. Harry asks what might appear to be a blindingly obvious question, "Why do we do kata.." - what would your answer be ?

Harry Cook has been a regular columnist in Europe's leading martial arts magazines as well as contributing articles on a wide range of subjects and interviews with leading teachers and practitioners of the martial arts and related subjects. Harry is also the author of several highly regarded martial arts books and a series of instructional videos. He is the Chief Instructor of the Seijinkai Karate-do Association, a British based martial arts group dedicated to the practice of traditional Okinawan and Japanese martial arts and related systems.

Supporting footage includes powerful displays of kata application by Keniosuke Enoeda; Hideo Tomita; Bob Poynton and Bob Rhodes.

Terry O'Neill, Masao Kawasoe; Masao Kagawa also perform various kata.

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