The 10th Gichin Funakoshi Invitational World Shotokan Cup

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Held in the beautiful Spanish town of Javea, this year the event brought together many nations, but all speaking the same tongue - Shotokan. The kumite was hard and fast, the British team getting eliminated in the early rounds and the Romanian fighters every bit as tough as they were last year and every bit as successful. The kata was superb, but the Italian National kata and kumite team only made it as far as the early elimination rounds, which was something of a surprise and a pity. The Italians are usually excellent in all areas, but clearly on this occasion they were not at their best. The demonstration by two of the British ladies had the crowd on their feet, and the male attackers on their knees! This event is destined to become the main international Shotokan event - surpassing previous European and other world events. Under the newly formed SKDUN (Shotokan Karate-Do United Nations) the big hitters of Shotokan will all meet under the one world Shotokan body, each year in the defending country. Locations are already set for South Africa and New York. This programme will leave you in no doubt about why the annual event is destined to grow. The solid kumite and fiery kata is bound to attract good Shotokan organizations - how could they stay away from such a top class event?!

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