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KUGB Legends

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The 1970’s and 80’s are sometimes referred to as the ‘Golden Years’ of karate in the UK, and we have selected what we believe are four of the best Shotokan fighters that were are the forefront of karate in this period. Frank Brennan, Ronnie Christopher, George Best and Ian Roberts were not just ‘event winners’ – they provided some of the most dynamic fight sequences that are now amongst the legends of competition kumite.

Little is needed by way of introduction to these fighters, even after all the passing years their names are still synonymous with the solid, hard traditional Shotokan of those earlier years, and all are still active in the art.

We now offer a ‘six pack’ – special offer: the four profiles mentioned above ‘Frank Brennan, Ronnie Christopher, George Best and Ian Roberts ’ and two additional discs ‘The 1987 European All Styles’ and the ‘1988 Shoto Cup’. If you were to purchase these two additional programmes, it would cost you over £20 for just these two – so purchasing the set of 6 presents a massive saving. Although not all the events and fighters are Shotokan (the 1987 All Styles) the original four plus the Shoto Cup programme features true KUGB Legends.

The six separate discs come in a single presentation box and are available in both the PAL (European) and NTSC (USA) television standard, and as usual carry out full replacement guarantee under the ‘Distant Selling Regulations’.

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