Although most of what passes as traditional martial arts these days, is really nothing more than playground antics, there was a time when it really was a dangerous art. I feel privileged to have been a part of that era, a time when control was very necessary. I recall vividly being at the edge of an area at Crystal Palace, and seeing Elwyn Hall hit his opponent with a back kick which resulted in the guy being hospitalised.

I was fortunate enough to see that technique and many many more, when I purchased a copy of Master of The Art. After watching and then re-watching many times, seeing all that power and spirit, it’s a little sad to realize that it will never be the same again. I had the misfortune to attend the recent big EKGB event held at Manchester’s new Velodrome centre – I left before the end of the first day. If it hadn’t been so sad, I would have called it comical, something that I could never recognise as a martial art.

At least I now have something to remind me how it used to be, thank you Legend Productions.

Paul Mannion
Former KUGB squad member 1983-84

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