"One of the reasons I left traditional karate was because 90% of what we did in the Dojo was based upon a scripted scenario, or pre-arranged sparring. The 10% that was real – kumite – was hard, but still lacked the element of reality that you can only experience in a street fight, or when being violently attacked.

The only time I ever question that statement, is when I look at any one of my four volumes of The Art of War. These men from the KUGB could go toe to toe with anyone I’ve ever met, in the street or anywhere else. The principal physical aim of karate is to take your attacker out with one technique and the power that you see demonstrated in these clips is awesome and would certainly 'Take you out.'

This principle is clearly demonstrated clearly in almost every clip and what’s also remarkable is the dignity and composure they always seem to have. A real street fight is very scruffy and usually ends up on the ground. However, there are exceptions and these guys would be such an exception based on their speed and power alone. Anyone who has doubts about karate’s ability as a fighting skill must take a look at Legend’s stuff, even though competition karate has been neutered by modern rules and 'politics' this is vintage karate, maybe the last remaining vestige of the true art of empty hand combat."

Geoff Thompson
Japan Karate Association 3rd Dan
Best selling author and playwright – Self Defence Consultant.