"These recordings pay tribute to Shotokan karate in so many ways. The nobility and fighting spirit of the Samurai are there for all to see, and I feel honoured to have been a part of British Shotokan during the years these sequences were recorded.

The Karate Union of Great Britain was, and in my personal opinion still is, the finest Shotokan organization in the world. Their proven ability to dominate European karate is shown in these programmes time and time again and yet even when subjected to the most partisan treatment and poor judging, their dignity and world class sportsmanship shines on through.

You will not see any instance of a KUGB fighter showing discontent or poor behaviour in these sequences, not because they have been edited out; they simply never happened.

If you really want to see what traditional Shotokan should look like, take a look at any Legend video programme – be prepared for none stop wall to wall kumite, fighting spirit of a magnitude you will never witness again."

Charles Gidley
Japan Karate Association 3rd Dan
Chief Instructor – British Shotokan Kyogi