"It’s difficult to give my opinion on The Heat of Battle using a couple of simple statements, but I’ll try. Elwyn Hall makes a genuine attempt to focus on the real dynamics of karate. He shows the techniques that are best suited to finishing off any mugger, or attacker..

There’s no point scoring here, just violence. The re-enactments of actual documented attacks are well produced, even when viewed by the medium of television; a real sense of fear is generated. Even the instructional dojo sequences are clear and simple to follow – no complicated and fancy kata moves – just 'how to hit – where to hit and when to hit.'

It’s easy to say that Elwyn makes it work because he’s that kind of fighter and that has to be acknowledged, but my own experience in combat has taught me that the simple direct technique, so long as maximum power is used, will do the job."

Peter Consterdine
7th Dan Karate
Author and Security consultant - Professional Bodyguard