I first bought The Art of War when it was first released on video tape, and I can only describe it as inspiring. At that in 1996 I was getting really disillusioned with karate because of the increasing political goings on, but more importantly because of the obvious weakening of the art, kumite was starting to turn into a lightweight game and kata was beginning to look like a dance routine. After watching the video (loads of times) I realized that it was not about what others got from karate, but what I could take from it – and I was once more hooked.

Since then I’ve purchased the full set of Art of War on DVD as well as most of Legend Production’s other products – Enoeda’s Ultimate Aim and the Brennan Profile are video’s that every serious Shotokan student and instructor should have. For all the many times I’ve sat and watched these videos, I never get bored because it’s like watching a thriller that you’ve watched before, you know what’s coming but it’s still a thrill, as well as inspiring.

Thank god for Legend Production, so long as they’re in business real Shotokan will live on.

Ian Duffield – JKA 4th dan
Japan Karate Association 4th Dan