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Shotokan Faces

Shotokan Faces

I intend to do a few articles on some of the Shotokan men and women who were such an integral part of the history and development of Shotokan in the UK.

There were many others of course, from the different schools, but for obvious reasons I will be looking at the Shotokan style only.

These articles are my own personal views, and are not intended as a full bio of each person, instead just a small picture of the person’s karate background. There are many senior Shotokan exponents that have never had the exposure that others have enjoyed, but who in their own way, contributed to the outstanding history of Shotokan karate in the UK. Treated as a group their influence has been massive, you only have to consider that a senior, or junior squad from any organization, is made up from the best fighters/kata students from the various satellite dojos that make up any organization. The instructors from these individual dojos have obviously left their own individual stamp, or style on their students.

The individuals that I intend to highlight will have no influence on the article(s) other than the answers to queries I might have with regard to dates/times and other information that only they can provide. It’s important to keep in mind that the articles will simply concentrate on their history, or time served, as well as any obvious contribution to the art.

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