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The boys from Merthyr KC

The boys from Merthyr KC

Some of the boys from Merthyr KC which was then run by Lyn Powell under the Wado Ryu system. Lyn Powell was a highly successful and well respected karate-ka, and it was Ged Moran’s good fortune to meet up with Lyn in1976.

Ged was asked to do a Shotokan class at Lyn’s club, as a result the dojo invited Ged back, and following several visits by Ged over the next 6 months, the club joined the KUGB and became Merthyr Shotokan KC.

A very young Gary Harford is sat next to Lyn on his right - and another well know face (front row fourth from the left) is Gabe Operanta, another highly successful Shotokan product of Merthyr KC. Lyn Powell still runs the dojo in the very same traditional way it was run in the 70’s – not for the feint hearted – but a hard, solid Shotokan dojo, now part of WSKA.


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