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The 1998 Gichin Funakoshi Championship - Volume 2 - KATA


This highly prestigious event, held over three days in England

This highly prestigious event, held over three days in England, created some stunning displays of kumite and kata. The use of kicks is rare these days (too risky) which usually results in bouts consisting of just fast punching and little else. This event was an exception with three Ippons being scored with kicks. The action was fast and aggressive, and for once, the kata was not a simple expedient to the main event and certainly not the usual clockwork performance that passes as interpretation these days. There were brilliant examples of advanced kata by some world class performers, and particular mention must be made of Romania who produced a level of kata that is best described as 'inspiring.' Two DVD's are available showing the edited highlights: Volume 1 covers kumite and Volume 2 the kata. Each DVD contains the best action from over 13 hours of recorded action. A must for any Shotokan student.


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