1985 & 86 KUGB Championships


THE 1986 Karate Union of Great Britain's National Championships.

The first programme is 115 minutes of nostalgia, a record of most of the evening’s final events, including the international between Italy and England.

Such names as Frank Brennan, Elwyn Hall, Karen Finley, Gary Harford, Yvonne Lovelady and many other names went on to become senior instructors and international Shotokan stars.

The programme is almost two hours long, and has been carefully edited to produce a fast and exciting sequence of kumite and kata. All the fights, and kata performances, are shown in their full length, and techniques that were of spectacular value, are shown in slow-mo.

This DVD also comes with a free copy of the 1985 KUGB National Championships - the evening finals. We supply the programme free of charge because the original recording was on VHS tape, which in 1985 (26 years ago) was a poor medium for video picture quality. Although digitally enhanced as much as possible, the pictures quality is not up to our usual standard. None the less, it's two and a half hours of the KUGB at its best, featuring the England-V-W.Germany match, as well as the famous names from that era: Enoeda; Poynton; Cattle: Rhodes; Brennan; Harford; Christopher; Hall; Best, and many others.

Two DVDs - over 4 hours

- of Shotokan as it was; hard and fast.

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