ENOEDA - The Ultimate Aim


The concise history of the KUGB and Enoeda Sensei

inseparable in the chronology of British Shotokan. This programme contains rare film clips and tributes. Senior karate masters from Europe and the USA give their views on the past, present and the future of karate - especially with the spectre of Olympic 'sport' karate hanging over the art. The programme is not simply a dry documentary. It contains action clips from the early days of the KUGB - Sherry, O'Neil, Poynton, Cattle and many others. Hear how Enoeda was viewed as both a tiger and a gentleman in the USA in the early 1960s. Legend Productions is the world leader in Shotokan action video and this programme has all the excitement and production values that our client base has come to expect. Harry Cook was the programme researcher, ensuring that names, dates and places are accurate. The inclusion of previously unseen footage, digitally enhanced, is certain to make this programme another 'must have' from Legend.

Every karate student that ever trained under Enoeda sensei, will always remember those times. Training under sensei has been variously described as 'scary - inspiring - exhausting - exhilarating - awesome' etc. Whatever description is applied, the one thing that everyone agrees: a session under Enoeda was something you could boast about for years to come - he was truly the Tiger of Shotokan.

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