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JKA Masters of the 60s


JKA masters of the 60s from Rising Sun Productions

Features footage created from the early 1960s - black and white super 8mm films. This particular video is extremely valuable as a reference for those practicing traditional shotokan karate. You will see first hand how and why the JKA developed such awesom power in their techniques as you watch Enoeda beating a makiwara, as only he can do. These DVDs are exceptionally clear and show everything from the .war up drills and basics, to the advanced katas. performing these katas are the top JKA Masters of the period, including Nakayama, Kanazawa, Mikami, Uke, Miyazaki, Shooji, Shirai, Mori, Kase and many others


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Running time 75 minutes

Region Free

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We hold what is probably the largest archive of Shotokan karate film and video footage available anywhere. Dating from the 1950s through to the present day, we have produced digitally enhanced, professionally edited programs of the finest international Shotokan events ever recorded.