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The Heat of Battle


Elwyn Hall takes traditional Dojo techniques into the street and demonstrates once and for all the efficacy of Shotokan in the so-called 'real situation.'

During the production of this programme, two of the men portraying attackers (both experienced Nightclub Doormen) were injured during the fight scenes. The actual fights were accurately reconstructed from police case notes on crimes of violence, and the reconstructions were recorded at the scenes of the original attacks. Elwyn shows how original Shotokan techniques can prove devastating when applied without any concern for control, and how modern karate has been watered down to accommodate competition fighting - something that Funakoshi never intended. Elwyn Hall was one of the KUGB's front line fighters for many years, and was noted for his strong attacking style of Shotokan - and during the 1985 ESKU championships, the German team gave him the name 'Herr Blitzkrieg!'


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