Randy Williams - A Profile


Randy Williams began training at Leeds Shotokan Karate Club

In 1975 under the club's chief instructor Bob Rhodes. This was the start of a long and distinguished career in Shotokan, which took Randy to various parts of the world, along with other KUGB fighters, some of whom would also become Shotokan legends.

This programme highlights some of Randy’s finest and hardest fights. We have edited the programme into fast moving and tightly edited sequences, selected from over 5 hours of original camera footage. No account has been taken of final scores, and where appropriate we have repeated some techniques in slow motion.

We hope you enjoy the tribute, which allows you to look back at a period when Shotokan karate was indeed a tough and demanding art. The experience is made all the more enjoyable because we're seeing one on the KUGB’s finest fighters in action - just watch out for that deadly reverse punch, Randy’s main armament

Running time 50 minutes

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