Ronnie Christopher - A Profile


Ronnie Christopher began training at the age of 14

His obvious talent and dedication were quickly noticed by the KUGB senior instructors. His ability to remain calm under pressure, which completely belied his devastating attacks and counter attacks; became a hallmark of this tough and determined fighter.

A many times national and international champion, Ronnie’s reputation at the time of his retirement stood alongside the other KUGB greats. Always smiling and polite, Ronnie Christopher represents another fine example of the Karate Union of Great Britain’s philosophy based upon the teachings of Master Funakoshi.

Although the martial arts are still popular, karate has now become a much more sport oriented pursuit. The dynamic and sometimes brutal fighting techniques you will see in this video, have vanished for ever, curbed by the demands of safety. Although clearly the constraints placed on karate were inevitable, they have neutered this once thrilling and dynamic art to a fast action sport. So, take a ride down memory lane and enjoy Shotokan karate as it used to be.

Running time 71 minutes

Available in any national television standard.

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